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John Bowell
VP/Dealer Partner
(303) 364-2200



Kirk Tubbs
Sales Manager
(303) 364-2200

Rod K
Sales Manager

Yoseph Albouri
Internet Sales Manager
(303) 364-2200

Yoseph Albouri



Attila Szabo
Sales Consultant
(303) 577-2211

Atilla Szabo

Candice Bell
Sales Consultant
(720) 329-0843

Lorrie Morgan
Sales Consultant
(720) 560-7663

Born in Colorado and currently residing in Denver, Lorrie Morgan is a hip mother and a dedicated professional with a solid record of accomplishment and an extensive involvement in her field of skill. Lorrie currently works for Shortline Hyundai and has a long record of working in foster-care. Lorrie supports the Kempe Foundation for treatment of abuse, neglect and abandoned children and The Denver Dumb Friends League.  She's also a food aficionado and a bit of of toiler, and when she is not busy working Lorrie enjoys horse racing, white-water rafting, skiing, movies, tole painting and sports with some of his best teams being Colorado Avalanche and Denver Broncos! Lorrie believes Motherhood is powered by love, fueled by coffee and sustained by wine. Lorrie's motto is: Live life at full throttle!

Lorrie Morgan

Rashid Kotroo
Sales and Leasing Consultant
(303) 364-2200

Rick Suppes
Sr. Sales Representative
(303) 577-2222


Yusef Mustafa
Sr. Sales Consultant

Yusef Mustafa drives a HYUNDAI and sells HYUNDAI's not only to people he meets at the dealership but to his mom, dad, sister, and friends. Began as a Sales Representative at Hyundai dealership over 7 years ago, then launched into automotive financial services at Autonation Nissan where he secured loans, processed legal documentations, and provided guidance on vehicle protecttion options. To enjoy Colorado and maintain a healthy balance between personal time and work, Yusef joined Shortline Hyundai of Colorado and settled back to what he knows best...providing info on HYUNDAI's and helping clients make good decisions. 

Thank you for choosing SHORTLINE HYUNDAI. WHERE YOU ARE #1. We have been proudly serving Colorado for over 25 Years! Family owned and operated.




Tony Williams
Finance Manager



Cliff Hergemueller
Hyundai Service Manager
(303) 364-2200

Cliff has been with Shortline Hyundai since 2013.  His favorite part about coming to work everyday are his fellow co workers and the team like environment at Shortline Hyundai.

A native of Colorado Cliff enjoys spending his time away from work drag racing with friends and family.

While Cliff has many hidden talents it's all top secret. 

Kip Bollig

Kip has been with Shortline Hyundai since June of 2017.  His favorite part about coming to work everyday at Shortline Hyundai is the laid back nature of his co workers.

A Colorado native, Kip enjoys spending his time away from work sleeping, watching Netflix, and hanging out with his girlfriend.


Levi Avalos

Having joined the Shortline Hyundai team in 2013 Levi likes coming to work because of the great working environment.

A native of Colorado, Levi likes to spend his time away from Shortline Hyundai with his god daughters.

Jonathan Martinez

Having joined the Shortline team in 2012, Jonathan's favorite part about coming to work is the ability to spend time with his coworkers at lunch.

Having moved to Colorado in 2011, Jonathan likes to spend his spare time away from work catching up on his z's.

Christopher Turner

Christopher joined the Shortline Hyundai team in August of 2017. He likes being able to work in a shop and get hands on experience everyday, and the fact that he gets to learn something almost everyday.

While he was born in California, Christopher moved to Colorado with his family when he was only 2 months old.  When he is not at work Christopher enjoys playing Lacrosse and working on his personal car.

Chris is a big fan of Chick Fil-A nuggets as he can eat a 30 count meal in one sitting.

C.J. McGowan

C.J. joined the Shortline Hyundai team in 2014.  His favorite part about coming to work everyday is his fellow employees.

Born and raised in Colorado, C.J. can be found watching football, playing video games or playing music when he is not at work.

C.J. is musically inclined as he can play both the guitar and drums.

Alex Massey

Alex has been with Shortline Hyundai since September of 2016.  Alex loves the team of fellow coworkers at Shortline Hyundai. 

A Colorado native, Alex can be found at bandimere, and working on her own vehicles.  Alex also enjoys hiking.

A hidden talent Alex has is that she can eat an entire large pizza by herself.

Daniel Fresh

Daniel joined the Shortline Hyundai team in October of 2017.  His favorite part about coming to work everyday is the team friendly environment.

Daniel moved to Colorado in April of 2017 in order to have access to city life and in order to partake in all the outdoor activities the state offers.  When he is not at work you can find Daniel driving his car at the racetrack or playing video games.

Max Gorkiy

Max joined the Shortline Hyundai team in 2013.  He enjoys his co workers and doing what he does everyday at work.

Max moved out to Colorado in 1998 

When he is not at work you can find Max riding his motorcycle or doing some home improvements.

Rob Stempel

Rob has been with Shortline since May of 2005.  Rob likes that family atmosphere that is here at Shortline Hyundai.

A Colorado native and avid Broncos fan, Rob can be found spending his time away from work watching the Broncos play.  Rob also enjoys mountain biking, snow shoeing, and hiking.

Rob has a knack for wood working and being able to find humor in any situation. 

Shantae Wilson

Shantae joined the Shortline Hyundai team in February of 2017.  Her favorite part of working at Shortline Hyundai is learning something new everyday.

A native of Colorado, Shantae spends her time away from work reading, working out, dancing and sleeping.

Our highly trained Sales & Service Consultants at Shortline Hyundai will be more than happy to assist you during the process of purchasing & servicing your new Hyundai.