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Shortline Hyundai Staff

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  • Lioneil Farr
    Sales Manager
    (720) 343-3437

  • Kevin Walsh
    Sales Manager
    (720) 343-3436

  • Clint Earhart
    Internet Sales Director
    (720) 343-3446

  • Bill Tyrell
    Sales Associate
    (720) 343-3441

  • Greg Smiley
    Sales Associate
    (720) 343-3445

    Hello Everyone, I'm Greg Smiley and I intend to make you keep your smile! (Horrible Pun). I have been married for eighteen years with two beautiful children. When it's not snowing I enjoy golfing and being out doors!" - Look forward to assisting you!

  • John Filipek
    Sales Associate
    (720) 343-3447

    John is an alchemist. Like the alchemists of old, he has a knack for turning the base metal of client needs and desires into the gold of dreams realized. He has always been known not as someone who will "sell you a car", but more someone who can help you buy one based on your particular situation. Born in Chicago and having traveled the world over, he brings his expertise to bear when navigating the high seas of auto purchase. Experience him. You will be glad you did." Look forward to assisting you!

  • Joyce Thompson
    Sales Associate
    (720) 343-3438

    Joyce Thompson The Carlady. Joyce the Horse trainer. Joyce the Jazzercise Instuctor. My life has always been as long as I can remember full of energy, creativity and crazy risky. My heart goes into all I touch.......in my heart is a spirit to serve others. Making a difference in your experinece is what I do best." - Looking forward to assisting you!

  • O Duk Kwon
    Sales Associate
    (720) 343-3443

    O Duk is our resident Koren Guru! - Look forward to assisting you!

  • Robert Malcolm
    Sales Associate
    (720) 343-3440

    I love being in Colorado! Been in the car industry for quite some time. I love my Porsche's and boats! I want to sail the seven seas." - Look forward to serving you!

  • Shamil Baytarov
    Sales Associate
    (720) 343-3444

    "I am dedicated guy always go after what I believe is best for me, no giving up or quitting. Been loving cars since I was a kid. growing up I worked on cars, but I also did sports growing up like wrestling, soccer, and boxing. My main goal in Hyundai is proving a great product for my guests so I believe Hyundai is a great, safe, and reliable product. My Favorite vehicle here is a 2015 Hyundai Genesis." Look forward to assisting you!

  • Thomas Carr
    Sales Associate
    (720) 343-3442

  • Fidel Lobato
    Express Lube Service Advisor
    (303) 785-0191

    Fidel is a Colorado native who grew up in Commerce City, Fidel joined the Shortline team a little over two years ago, and has been in the automotive industry for about four years.
    Outside of work Fidel enjoys spending time with his wife, two kids, three dogs, two cats and guinea pig. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and he has a passion for working on his cars.

  • Monique Murphy
    Express Lube Service Advisor
    (303) 785-0192

Anyone of our highly trained Sales consultants at Shortline Hyundai will be more than happy to assist you during the process of purchasing a new Hyundai from Shortline Hyundai or looking at our 200 plus inventory of pre-owned vehicles.